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External Decoration

As the summer months approach it's time to consider exterior redecoration. This might be the masonry and woodwork of the outside of your house, the exteriors to your office, or even garden fences and outbuildings. 

We work in partnership with our trusted scaffolding team who can provide us access to all areas of your property from the fascias and soffits down to basement level. This allows our talented team to access the walls, woodwork, windows, and associated metalwork of the building in order to fully prepare and redecorate from a safe access point.

More than just kerb appeal...

External redecoration is important to protect the woodwork and fabric of the building. The paint of your wooden windows is there to prolong the life of the the wood by weatherproofing it and preventing decay. Once decay or rot has started on your windows the repairs can be far more involved, in the worst cases this could lead to leaks or even replacement windows.

We would always recommend the external decoration be completed every five years with regular inspections over this time to ensure any issues are highlighted promptly.

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